You can help the Humane Society of South Mississippi care for the 8,000+ animals that come through our door each year, by sponsoring a kennel.  As a sponsor, your one-time annual donation will make a huge difference in the lives of homeless animals.  One dog or cat kennel houses numerous animals every year.  On average, there are about 50 different cats that rotate through one kennel and 57 dogs per kennel in a one year time period.  Some animals live with us for many months until they find their forever home.  The sponsorship program allows your donation to directly support the daily upkeep of the pets at HSSM.  As a sponsor, your donation allows us to keep the doors open and provide food, medical care and true shelter for the dog or cat in your sponsored space.

HSSM’s Kennel Sponsorship Program provides a great opportunity for families, private organizations and businesses to directly support the animals we care for on a daily basis.  In return for your kennel sponsorship, not only will you receive the reward of knowing you helped animals in need, but you will also receive the following recognition:

-Highly visible, personalized plaque acknowledging your sponsorship hung on your sponsored kennel.  These signs  can be personalized with your name, your company’s name or in memory/honor of a beloved family member/friend or cherished pet.

-Acknowledgement as a friend of HSSM on our website,

A Kennel Sponsorship is a great way for local companies to receive public recognition for their support of the shelter.  The Humane Society of South Mississippi is open Tuesday through Friday from 10am  until 5pm and Saturday from 10am-4pm.  On average, 75+ individuals visit our shelter each day, equating to almost 20,000 people per year.  Think of all those people seeing your business and knowing that your company helps animals in need.

Dog Kennel (1 Year)=$1,000

Cat Kennel (1 Year)=$500

You will also receive a receipt of your donation for tax purposes. For more information on sponsoring a kennel, please call Katie King at 228-822-3802 or email

READY TO SPONSOR A KENNEL TODAY?!  Download the Kennel Sponsorship form below and send it in with your sponsorship to the Humane Society of South Mississippi | 2615 25th Avenue Gulfport, MS 39501.   Thank you for joining our lifesaving journey!

Kennel Sponsorship form

If you can’t bring me home…

Will you sponsor my home??


Friends of HSSM

Barbara Eidner-In memory of Mark Eidner and all the pets he loved 

Blacklidge Emulsions, Inc.

David and Karen Sawyer 

Fidelis Realty-Salvas Properties, LLC

Ginger Rogers-In memory of Annabelle

Hematology Oncology Partners, P.A.