Fostering is not a lifetime commitment….it’s a commitment to saving lives. There is a not a more personal and impactful way to help animals than by becoming a foster hero. Pets like Wilbur (pictured above) would never have gotten their chance at life and love without caring Foster Parents.

Opening your home to a cat or dog from the Humane Society of South Mississippi means you have the opportunity to increase the quality of life for a homeless animal and open much-needed space so that the HSSM can rescue another pet. Simply put, foster volunteers help save lives.

Pets may need to go into Foster homes for many different reasons, but usually they are sick, injured, too young to be adopted, or in need of socialization or behavioral help. The most common conditions needing Foster Homes (and average length of stay) are:

Upper Respiratory Infection (Doggy/Kitty Cold): 2 weeks of antibiotics. Contagious to other pets of the same species.
Ringworm: 3-6 weeks of dips, antibiotics. Contagious to other pets and people
Momma Dog/Cat with babies: 2-12 weeks depending on age of babies
Kittens/Puppies Too Young for Adoption:  6-12 weeks depending on age of babies.
Injuries such as fractures, eye issues, etc.: 2-12 weeks depending on severity of injury and treatment
Socialization: 2-12 weeks depending on type of behavior issues and corrective action/socialization needed

Foster volunteers provide behavior and medical rehabilitation in a nurturing home environment so that animals in your care may grow, heal, socialize, and become ready for adoption. HSSM provides a starter bag of food, as well as any necessary medications for foster pets and an emergency phone number just in case!

Most foster pets will need to return to HSSM every two weeks for updated vaccinations and a re-check of their condition.

Foster parents are encouraged to introduce their Foster pets to family, friends, and co-workers who may adopt them so that they may never have to return and stay in the shelter once they are ready for adoption!

No special expertise is required to foster. Just a little extra time, a little extra space and a great big heart. Every animal you foster is a life saved!

If you are interested in fostering, please contact the Foster Department today!

Tuesday-Saturday from 10:00 am to 6:00 p.m.
228-863-3354 ext. 3828