I Found A Pet

First things first, check the pet for ID (tags or information directly on the collar). If no ID is visible, please have the animal scanned by a vet or bring to HSSM to have him/her scanned.

There are many things you can do to help find a lost pet’s home before bringing him/her to HSSM. Please check out these “I Found A Pet” tips for ideas. However, if all else fails, HSSM is the first place many pet owners in our area look for their pets, so bringing a lost pet to us is actually giving that pet a better chance to be reunited with his/her owners. Again, please check out our tips first and when you get desperate, consider HSSM.

If you have found a lost pet that HSSM is able to accept, please call our Lost & Found Department at 228-863-3354 ext. 3924 or 3825 to set up an intake appointment to help avoid waiting. 

PLEASE NOTE: HSSM cannot accept stray animals from outside of Harrison County.

Every pet that is brought into HSSM receives a set of precautionary vaccinations and flea treatment and the approximate cost of care for each animal in our care is $215. To offset some of these costs, HSSM asks every person bringing an animal to us for a donation. Please consider a donation of $15 or more, as the standard vaccinations given to each pet upon intake cost approximately that much.

Have you found an injured pet?

HSSM will not turn an injured pet away, however, HSSM urges those who have found injured pets to seek alternatives.

HSSM cannot handle major medical emergencies. If you have found a pet with serious injuries, please contact a local private-practice Veterinarian. If you have found a pet with minor injuries, please consider taking this pet to a Veterinarian first or call the Lost & Found department at 228-863-3354 ext. 3824 or 3825 to receive instructions.

Have you found or need help with wildlife?

HSSM is NOT equipped to care for wildlife of any kind. Please call the Lost & Found department at 228-863-3354 ext. 3824 or 3825 or click here for some Wildlife resources in our area.