Kids Can Help Too!

Although HSSM volunteers have to be 18 years old, there are tons of ways kids can help South Mississippi’s homeless pets.
Here are some great ways kids can help!

  • Gathering aluminum cans for the “Cans for Critters” program
  • Holding a bake sale, lemonade stand, or penny drive to raise funds for HSSM
  • Making no-sew fleece blankets for the kennels
  • Asking teachers, scout leaders, etc. to schedule a talk or tour of HSSM’s shelter (Contact HSSM’s Development Manager, Katie King, 228-863-3354 ext. 3802 to schedule)
  • Hosting a Supply Drive, or asking for donations in place of presents at your birthday party
  • Making Dog Toys: Peel the label and plastic ring off of a water bottle, then fill it 1/2 full with dog food & treats.
  • Making Cat Toys: Sew or glue small fabric (felt is best) shapes together, stuffing with poly-fill and catnip
  • Make FUN (and Yummy!) cat toys by recycling your old plastic Easter eggs! Click here for these easy instructions!
  • Make bandannas to make adoptable pets even more adorable! Select any fabric (bright colors & prints on lightweight cotton are best), cut into square (11″-28″ with 22″ being an ideal size for most dogs) and then fold diagonally, cutting down the fold to get a triangle! Easy, fun, and a great way to help HSSM’s homeless pets find loving families!

HSSM loves to host field trips and group tours of the shelter for kids! Please be aware that while it is always tempting to pet every cat and dog in the shelter during our tours, your tour group will NOT be allowed to pet the shelter animals. However, several shelter ambassadors may be available for interaction during your scheduled tour.

Please contact HSSM’s Development Manager, Katie King, 228-863-3354 ext. 3802 to scheduled your group’s tour!