Looking for Outdoor Cats?

Try HSSM’s Work-Release Program!

Got a Barn? Shed? Outbuilding?

HSSM has Experienced Mousers looking for work!

Adopting a “Barn Cat” costs you NOTHING…all you have to do to get an outdoor cat or two is call 228-863-3354 ext. 3822 and we’ll find the perfect
“Barn Cat” for you!

It’s FREE! HSSM has many kitties that will prefer living off the land and working to rid you of any pesky pests you might have!

Barn Cats keep away mice, snakes, and even roaches!

All Barn Cats will be fixed and vaccinated…no disease or population explosions!

Click here for the Barn Cat poster or call 228-863-3354 ext. 3822 to get your Barn Cats today!