Lost & Found

The Humane Society of South Mississippi (HSSM) is the largest animal welfare organization in South Mississippi.

Animal Control agencies from unincorporated Harrison County, as well as the cities of Harrison County bring stray pets to HSSM. And if a community member has picked up your pet, odds are it ended up here too!** If you’ve lost your pet, please refer to HSSM’s Lost Pet Listing to see if your pet is here, and then read through HSSM’s “I Lost A Pet” tips to increase your chances of reunion with your pet!

Please visit HSSM’s “I Found A Pet” page for what to do if you’ve found a pet, but please consider HSSM your last resort, as we often find our shelter overcrowded meaning more illness and higher euthanasia rates in our shelter.

HSSM’s Lost & Found operations help reunite hundreds of lost pets with their owners each year.

Please see the following pages for more info: