Plug ‘n Play Pets

HSSM plays home to nearly 8,000 homeless pets each year. Many of these are adult dogs and cats who already know life in a home.

They may be house-trained. They may know sit, down, & shake. And best of all, they are past that high maintenance puppy and kitten stage! These are pets that you can simply plug into any lifestyle and home and they are immediately the perfect pet.

Plug ‘N Play Pets are perfect for homes with young children, because there is minimal training needed.

Shelter pets are NOT broken. They end up in the shelter because their owners get sick, have to move, or are going through other life changes that result in a beloved pet’s inability to remain with its family.

Because a Plug ‘N Play Pet can mean so many different things for different families, HSSM does not maintain an online listing of these. Please visit HSSM and let an Adoption Counselor know what you’re looking for they can find the perfect Plug ‘N Play Pet for you and your lifestyle!