Recycling Programs

Help save puppies, kitties and the Planet all at the same time! HSSM uses several recycled products to better the lives of South Mississippi’s pets.

Cans for Critters

Donate your aluminum cans to HSSM! Your cans will be turned into cash to help HSSM care for the 11,000 pets we take in each year.

And yes, we accept beer cans too!

You can drop off your cans anytime by putting them in the ‘Aluminum Cans Only’ dumpster located outside HSSM’s Lost & Found Entrance. Please put just the cans in the dumpster, as the plastic bags slow down the processing of the aluminum.

Shredded Copy Paper

We all know how much paper your office goes through. Why don’t you put some of that paper to use making puppies and kittens at HSSM feel more comfortable?

HSSM accepts strip-shred paper only. This paper is used in the puppy kennels and in the litter boxes of cats and kittens that have recently been spayed/neutered. Shredded paper is a MUST for HSSM’s daily operations.

Nothing like the thought of saving homeless dogs and cats to eliminate the guilt of killing trees!


Donate your old newspapers for HSSM’s kennels! Some newspapers will be shredded for bedding and other will be used simply to cover the bottom of kennels for added disease-control.

HSSM’s Thrift Store

HSSM’s Thrift Store is the ultimate way to recycle to benefit HSSM.

The Thrift Store generates enough revenue each year to provide nearly all the medical funds for the shelter for an entire year!