Spay/Neuter: What to Expect

You may notice that getting your pet fixed through HSSM’s Louise Fenner Claiborne Spay Neuter Clinic is a little different than getting your pet fixed at a local vet.

This is because HSSM’s Louise Fenner Claiborne Spay Neuter Clinic (LFCC) provides high-quality, low-cost spay/neuter through a system focused on doing MANY surgeries as inexpensively and safely as possible.

What to Expect

Calling to set up your pet’s appointment:
  • All pets must have an appointment to be fixed. Please call 228-863-3354 ext. 3829 or 3830 to book your pet’s appointment. Because the LFCC is a high-volume clinic, you may find our phone lines busy. Please leave your name and phone number and we will strive to return your call within 48 hours. If you have not heard back from us in that time frame, try us again!

Make An Appointment

228-863-3354 ext. 3829 or 3830

Pre-surgery instructions:
  • When you arrive to your appointment, please complete an admission form for each pet you are dropping off for surgery and then take a blue number. Please follow any instructions you are given in addition to the following:
    • Do not allow your pet to eat after 9pm the night before the surgery water is ok.
    • Bring outside pets inside the night before surgery to prevent them from “scavenging” for food.
    • Please ensure your animal is clean and free of fleas and ticks. This is for the protection of the other pets in the clinic and your pet will not be able to be bathed or groomed for 10-14 days following surgery.
    • Let clinic staff know if you have seen any signs of sickness in your pet. We may have to reschedule your appointment.
    • All dogs MUST be brought in on a leash or carrier. If your dog has a history of aggression, please muzzle him/her before entering the clinic. Please no flexible or other retractable leashes. We need to keep track of your animals at all times. Even if your dog is healthy and great with others, some of the dogs at the clinic may not be. The health and safety of the pets and people are our top priorities! If you have a dog that can be aggressive with people or animals, even just on one occasion, please let us know. If you can bring a well fitting muzzle of your own, that’s great, no one wants to get bit!
    • All cats MUST be brought to the Clinic in a pet carrier, please do not walk in carrying your cat. Each cat should have its own carrier. There are many dogs at the clinic and it can be very loud and scary for our feline friends and we don’t want them getting loose and or lost.  It is a busy highway just outside our door!
Day of Surgery:
  • Please arrive promptly at 7:30 am on the day of your pet’s appointment.
  • Proof of rabies vaccine must be in the form of a certificate.  A tag alone will not be sufficient. The clinic will not call for rabies vaccination. If no certificate is presented at the time of the appointment, the animal will receive a rabies vaccination.
  • Instructions for intake will be given to the entire group of waiting pet parents (which can range from 20-60 people), so being on-time is of utmost importance. Special arrangements can be made if necessary, please speak with a staff member.
  • After instructions are given, you will be asked to fill out an admission form for each pet and then take a blue number.
  • Please park in the front parking lot upon arrival. You will enter through the bright red-orange entrance to the Louise Fenner Claiborne Spay Neuter Clinic.
Picking Up Your Pet:
  • For appointments on Monday-Thursday, pick up is at 7am the following morning.
  • Again, prompt arrival is a must because post-surgery instructions will be given to the entire group of waiting pet parents.
  • All pick-ups will be made at the Louise Fenner Claiborne Spay Neuter Clinic (the same place you dropped off the pet), unless you have specifically been instructed otherwise.
  • Special pick-up arrangements can be made Mon.-Thurs. only if necessary, however, without prior arrangements, a $15 boarding fee will be charged for late pick-ups after 9am because kennel space is limited.

Any Questions?

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have!