Special Opportunities for Donors

The Humane Society of South Mississippi receives no local, state or federal governmental funds. Additionally, we do not receive any funding from national animal welfare organizations such as the ASPCA or Humane Society of the United States.  We must, therefore, continually seek private support to help approximately 11,000 animals annually.  Your thoughtfulness makes our sheltering, rescue, and clinical programs possible.

In that spirit, we present some opportunities for funding specific projects at HSSM.  We hope you will consider helping us finance all or part of one of these critical initiatives.

Our List of Donor Opportunities changes on a regular basis and is updated online monthly at hssm.org.  Please let us know if you would like to support HSSM through a restricted donation for one of these needed items.  Of course, we also always welcome general support, as well as donations for our endowment.

Questions about any of the following opportunities should be directed to Katie King, HSSM’s Development Manager, at (228) 863-3354 ext. 3802.

Sheltering and Adoptions

HSSM Louise Fenner Claiborne Spay Neuter Clinic

Sheltering and Adoptions


HSSM could greatly increase the number of animals adopted off-site with a state-of-of-the-art vehicle like this one!

Off-Site Adoption Vehicle ($100,000)

HSSM’s Adoptions Department seeks this very large donation to pay for a customized vehicle for off-site adoption events. This vehicle would provide a climate controlled environment for animals during off site adoption events in the community. This vehicle will mimic the friendly, clean and professional atmosphere of HSSM’s facility. It will safely house and transport animals to and from adoption events, as well as provide a mobile office space. This vehicle would allow HSSM to participate in more off-site adoption events.



Year’s Worth of Love Train ($37,000)

The annual cost of transporting animals on HSSM’s Love Train to partner shelters across the country for adoption is approximately $37,000. These costs include vehicle usage, gasoline, kennels, food, labor, etc. ($1,500 sponsors one Love Train transport)


Year’s Worth of Food For Shelter Pets ($48,000)

Although Hill’s Science Diet generously provides a reduced rate to HSSM in order to feed the animals in our shelter, it still costs HSSM approximately $48,000 a year to purchase this food. ($4,000 sponsors pet food for all shelter animals for one month)


Year’s Worth of Shelter Supplies ($15,000)

HSSM must purchase a number of supplies for the shelter, such as cleaning materials, paper products, etc. to care for the 12,000 animals we shelter each year.  A gift of this amount would underwrite an entire year of supplies. ($1,250 would cover these expenses for one month)


New Computers = More Lives Saved ($10,000)

HSSM needs several new computer workstations for Animal Care and Adoptions staff. These computers will be used for running shelter software, adding animals’ stories to our website, and communicating with potential adopters.


Sponsor the Online Kitty Room for A Year ($3,000)

Love playing with the kitties at HSSM over the web? Please consider donating to help us cover the costs of increased bandwidth, server costs and upkeep so that you can continue to enjoy the fun and get more kitties adopted! This amount covers the service, upkeep and server costs for HSSM’s iPetCiompanion system for an entire year ($250 sponsors one month).

Microchips for 1,000 Adopted Pets ($6,000)

HSSM currently purchases the microchips that are included as part of every adoption. The $6,000 requested will sponsor microchips for 1,000 adopted shelter animals.

New Microchip Scanners ($1,500)

Microchip scanners are heavily used at HSSM and have to be replaced often. The $1,500 requested will purchase four new micro-chip scanners allowing HSSM staff to more effectively “read” microchips in order to reunite lost pets with their owners and verify that implanted microchips are working appropriately.


Kuranda Beds for Everyone! ($6,000)

Your donation of $6,000 would buy Kuranda Dog Beds ($120 each) for all of the large dogs at the shelter and in the Second Chance Ward, offering orthopedic support and comfort to each of the large dogs during their stay at HSSM, as well as being “chew proof”. (You can also donate Kuranda Beds one at a time. Click here to order.)

Engraved ID Tags for Shelter Pets ($3,400)

Your donation of $3,400 will sponsor identification tags for 1,000 shelter animals. An engraved ID tag is included with every adoption through HSSM and currently HSSM purchases these tags. Proper pet identification is key to reuniting lost pets with their owners and preventing the heart-breaking experience of losing a pet.


iPads for Improved Adoptions ($3,000)

Five iPads are needed for our adoption counselors to use at off-site adoption events and in the shelter to improve and expedite the adoption process. Several shelters across the country have implemented use of iPads and are seeing positive results such as less waiting for adopters, easier and faster access to animal-specific information, and improved customer service.



Cat Litter for A Year ($2,400)

Your donation of $2,400 would supply HSSM with cat litter for an entire year. ($200 would provide cat litter for one month)





Toys and Treats for Enrichment ($2,000)

HSSM uses special toys and treats to encourage positive behavior in some of the dogs during their stay at HSSM so they fit better into their adoptive homes. Giving the animals something to do while in their kennels reduces stress, stimulates mental and physical activity and ultimately reduces HSSM’s adoption return rate due to behavior issues.




Walkie-Talkies for Shelter Staff ($900)

The Animal Care, Adoptions and Management staff all need walkie-talkies. We are currently seeking 30 units at $30 each.





Better Cameras. Better Pictures ($1,000)

Animal Care staff and volunteers need new, higher-quality digital cameras for taking photos of pets as they enter our care. These pictures are added to our website and seen by thousands. Good quality pictures of adoptable animals have been shown to increase adoptions by an estimated 80%.


Wireless Printers for Off-Site Adoptions ($500)

HSSM needs three wireless printers for off-site adoption events. This would allow us to print paper-work at off-site adoption events.


Vaccinations for One Day ($500)

The requested $500 sponsors the basic vaccinations given to each incoming animal for ONE day. These vaccinations are given to every animal that enters into HSSM’s care to protect themselves and the other animals here from common diseases. The vaccinations cost on average $15 per animal.




Treatment for the Common Cold ($500)

The requested $500 covers the antibiotics used to treat 250 animals suffering from upper respiratory infection (a doggie or kitty cold). Upper respiratory infections are highly contagious, but easily treatable and are a common occurrence in the shelter.


HSSM Louise Fenner Claiborne Spay Neuter Clinic

On-Site X-Ray Machine ($15,000)

The requested amount will purchase an X-Ray machine for HSSM, enabling us to make accurate diagnosis of respiratory, heart, lung, urinary tract, gastro-intestinal, orthopedic, and other diseases affecting many of our shelter pets without sending animals off-site (often incurring additional costs).





FREE microchips for Spay/Neuter Clients ($6,000)

The requested $6,000 will allow HSSM to offer a free microchip with 1,000 public spay/neuter surgeries, to ensure that those pets can easily be returned to their owners if lost.




Anesthesia Gas Evacuation System ($6,000)


The requested $6,000 will allow HSSM’s Louise Fenner Claiborne Spay Neuter Clinic to purchase a Gas Evacuation System to enhance our ability to remove waste anesthesia gas from the operating room and keep surgical staff safe.



Oxygen Generator Machine ($5,000)

The requested $5,000 will purchase an Oxygen Generator Machine, allowing HSSM’s Louise Fenner Claiborne Spay Neuter Clinic to generate oxygen onsite and eliminate the expense of purchasing tank oxygen.

Upgraded Surgical Lighting ($2,000)

The requested amount would provide two additional surgical lights for HSSM’s Louise Fenner Claiborne Spay Neuter Clinic to upgrade our current surgical lighting system.




Fix 60 Ferals ($1,500)

Will provide Trap-Neuter-Return (T-N-R) services for 60 feral or free-roaming “Commuity” cats. Support for our Community Cats T-N-R Program allows HSSM to provide these services free of charge to community members in an effort to reduce the Community Cat population, which is a major source of shelter overcrowding. One female cat and her offspring, left to breed at will, can produce more than 400,000 kittens in just seven years.


Orthopedic Surgical Instruments ($1,000)

The requested amount would allow HSSM to purchase Orthopedic surgical instruments, allowing HSSM to care for shelter animals with fractures in-house, therefore eliminating the cost associated with sending these animals to an orthopedic surgeon.


Warming Mats for Surgery Recovery ($1,000)

HSSM’s Louise Fenner Spay Neuter Clinic is in need of several new Bair Hugger-brand warming mats to enhance our ability to pets warm after surgery. These are necessary because anesthetized animals can have trouble regulating their body temperature.

Other Projects and General Expenses

The Humane Society of South Mississippi also seeks support for many other expenses including vehicle repair and maintenance, landscaping, uniforms, laundry, computer hardware and software, staff training, marketing, and more.  We can provide you with details on these amounts if you would like to know about helping us pay for our expenses in different areas.

Our List of Donor Opportunities changes on a regular basis and is updated online monthly at hssm.org.  Please let us know if you would like to support HSSM through a restricted donation for one of these needed items.  Of course, we also always welcome general support, as well as donations for our endowment.

For more information, please contact Brittany Chowske, HSSM’s Donor Relations Manager at (228) 863-3354 ext. 3802.